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Morning Call - May 22, 2021
Some showers
Possible ground frost

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 22nd May 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Brief ridge of higher pressure allowing for a drier day, but with showers about for some.

The morning will be much brighter and drier for many with a touch of ground frost possible across more sheltered areas of Scotland. Showers, though looking to linger across some eastern regions of England and Scotland with possible longer spells of rain forecast for southern English coasts for a time. Showers likely to also windward facing coasts and hills.

The afternoon will continue to see plenty of dry conditions but also showers about, these more so further east with some well scattered showers across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Overnight, showers across England and Scotland will become confined further east allowing for mostly dry conditions elsewhere. Meanwhile, cloud cover will thicken from the west and by midnight far western finges of Ireland will see rain. Through the early hours on Sunday rain will have spread across Ireland and Northern Ireland and affect western areas of Scotland, Wales and England. A possible touch of ground frost for some sheltered regions once again.

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