UK Forecast - June 07, 2023
Showers from Friday
Becoming very warm & humid

Pressure remains high on Thursday, centred north of Scotland. There will be sunny spells and it should be dry throughout, though do expected increased cloud in Ireland and Scotland. Best of the sunshine across Wales and central and southern England where it will be warmest. Turning windy across southern England, Wales and southern Ireland. Highs at 17 to 25C.

Thursday Night
It continues windy in the south overnight. Most will stay dry with clear spells about, though Cornwall could see some showery rain move in. Lows at 7 to 12C though muggy and milder across southwest England and southwest Ireland.


High pressure north of Scotland again on Friday. Windy conditions continue to affect southern areas of the country. Eastern areas may have some cloud at first but this breaks and sunny spells develop. The best sunshine in western areas. Thicker cloud is expected across southern Ireland and southwest England where the risk of showers is expected. Elsewhere staying dry. Highs very warm and humid in the south and west at 22 to 26C, cooler further north and east at 15 to 22C.

A showery band of rain pushes northwards up through Ireland, England and Wales on Saturday. The rain is likely to be heavy, possibly torrential for a time in places, as well as thundery. Further north and east will stay dry with sunny spells. A very warm day for many and humid. Highs at 22 to 27C.

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