Month ahead - June 15, 2024
Valid from 24/05 to 20/06 2024
Valid from 24/05 to 20/06 2024

Issued: Saturday 15th June 2024
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Probably drier overall and warmer too

Higher pressure is showing signs of building into July. This may bring about drier weather and warmer conditions too. Much uncertainty after mid-month when high pressure may remain, although slow moving thunderstorms are possible.

*24/5/24 - 30/6/24*
Higher pressure.
A drier week.
Drizzle northwest Scotland.

*1/7/24 - 7/7/24*
Light and variable winds.
Slack pressure flow.
Potentially warm or very warm.
Chance of slow moving thunderstorms.

*8/7/24 - 14/7/24*
High pressure west of Ireland.
Low to the east.
Northerly wind through UK and Ireland.
Drier Ireland, showers elsewhere, most in east.

*15/7/24 - 21/7/24*
Higher pressure remains west of Ireland
Mostly fair and warm or very warm.
Slow moving thunderstorms.

*22/7/24 - 28/7/24*
Higher pressure may remain.
Dry, sunny spells for most.
Brisk east winds and some showers to south.


Simon Keeling
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