Morning Call - August 18, 2022
Cloud, patchy rain
Muggy east, fresher west

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 18th August 2022
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Cloud increasing from the west with some patchy rain, feeling muggy, turning fresher in the north and west

A threat of a spot of showery rain over the extreme east of Kent and East Anglia around sunrise this morning, these fading quickly. Most of England, Wales, central and eastern Scotland will be dry. Some bright or sunny spells but always more cloud north and west. Weak fronts are brings patchy rain across Ireland and western Scotland, the cloud being thicker here. It will be feeling quite muggy for many again too.

This afternoon sees some cloud and outbreaks of rain spilling into northwest England, Wales, southwest England and southern Ireland. Most of these light and with some cloud shrouding hills. Brighter for the west of Scotland and for western and Northern Ireland. Feeling fresher in these areas as the brighter weather arrives.

Showery outbreaks of rain passing through England and Wales this evening and at first tonight, most in western and southern Wales as well as running through southern England, although amounts will be small. Clearer and fresher weather follows form the north and west although some heavy showers may be blown in on the strongs southwest wind across western Scotland.

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