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UK Forecast - November 20, 2021
Coastal showers

A chillier start on Sunday and a cooler day for all. High pressure west of Ireland creates a north to northeast flow bringing showers to northern Scotland, these falling wintry over higher ground as well as down eastern coasts of the UK where it will feel even chillier in that wind chill. Showers also through the Irish Sea affecting west Wales and southwest England. Drier elsewhere with bright, sunny skies. Highs at a chilly 4 to 8C.

Sunday night
Overnight, higher pressure ridges in across the country more easing off those showers for many, however, still expect some showers to affect eastern coasts as well as the far north of Scotland. Clear skies for many will see temperatures drop further with a frost patches expected to develop in the north and west. Lows at -1 to 4C.

High pressure remains over Ireland on Monday keeping conditions settled for most, though a weak front will bring some drizzle and cloud into northern Scotland. Brighter skies, once any mist and fog clears, through southern Scotland, England and Wales as well as Ireland with a touch of frost for some away from the cloudier areas further east. A few scattered showers still down some coasts of England through the day and the far south and southeast of England looks to see a brisker wind pulling in some light rain and drizzle here. Another cool day with highs at 6 to 9C.

High pressure over the British Isles again through Tuesday sees a mainly settled day and largely dry conditions. Mist and fog now becoming common place across parts of England, Wales and Ireland. A brisk north-easterly wind through the far southeast and southern coasts of England sees some drizzle moving in here. Showers moving in on to western parts of Scotland too. Highs at 7 to 10C.

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