Europe forecast - December 08, 2022
Unsettled Mediterranean
Drier but colder north

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 8th December 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Heavy rain and blustery winds affecting Iberia with some places at risk of flooding

Wet with spells of heavy rain progressively moving across Portugal and Spain. Still some scattered showers across the Balerics. Sunny spells about across Italy though with some showers too but mostly dry. Outbreaks of rain down the Balkans into western parts of mainland Greece. Some showers affecting the islands and Turkish resorts.
Mostly dry across France but feeling colder here. Rain though affecting southern regions. Showers pushing onto the Low Countries throughout the day and across through northern Germany, though it will be windy and adding on the wind chill factor will feel bitterly cold. Southern areas should be mostly dry. Dry across Austria and Switzerland. Rain, sleet and snow across northern Poland with a strong wind, drier further south.
Snow showers affecting Norway though many should stay dry. Frequent, heavy snow showers through the Baltic region with blustery strong winds too. Persistent snow fall across southeast Finland. Drier elsewhere here. Wintry showers across Denmark and feeling bitterly cold here.

Staying unsettled across Spain and Portugal with blustery winds and in places rain falling heavy. Outbreaks of rain also affecting the Balearics today pushing across the central Mediterranean onto the surrounding islands as well as mainland Italy. Greece and Turkey fair better today.
Some rain affecting some eastern regions of France, otherwise dry. Mostly dry through the Low Countries though some showers continue to pester the coasts here. Largely dry across Germany into Czechia and Poland though some heavy rain does look to affect the far southeast of Poland. Heavy rain again through the Balkan States.
A bitter wind chill across northern regions of Scandinavia making it feel even colder. Snow showers also about but many should stay dry here. Snow showers through the Baltic region and Denmark though many showers should let up through the day.

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