Europe forecast - January 01, 2023
Rain in north & west
Otherwise settled

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 1st January 2023
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Spells of heavy rain across parts of northern Europe

Heavy rain moving east across Portugal into western Spain, staying dry further east and across the Balearics. The odd shower again across northern Italy but elsewhere across the Mediterranean is dry and fine.
Rain turning heavy across northern France into Belgium later. The rest of France looks to be dry though breezy. Windy yet dry through Germany and the Netherlands. Some showery rain along Poland's coasts, otherwise dry here. Windy though dry also throughout the Alpine areas and eastern Europe.
Denmark is mostly dry though with some showery rain affecting the far northwest. Largely dry though windy across Norway and Sweden though southern areas seeing some rain. Outbreaks of rain pushing through the Baltic States. Mostly dry across Finland.

A drier and brighter day across western Spain and Portugal though cloudier with some patchy rain further east. Largely dry through the Balearics. The odd shower across Italy, Corsica and Sardinia though mostly dry here. Dry and fine through Greece and Turkey.
Cloudy with outbreaks of rain across many regions of France with heavy rain moving into the Low Countries and northwest Germany. Drier elsewhere across Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland. Rain turning heavier across the far north of Poland, otherwise dry. Dry for the rest of eastern Europe.
Largely dry across Scandinvaia, though Estonia into southern regions of Finland is likely to see a mix of rain, sleet and snow with more rain moving into the Baltics overnight. Wintry showers expected on to western coasts and hills of Norway.

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