Europe forecast - December 17, 2022
Windy north & west
Largely dry

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 17th December 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Turning milder and windy across western Europe this weekend.

A few scattered showers across Spain on Saturday but these fizzle out to see sunshine and dry weather as well as in Portugal. A few showers affecting the Balearic islands, Corsica and Sardinia though largely dry here. Showers or longer spells of rain still affecting central regions of Italy, drier further north and south. Largely dry and fine through Greece and Turkey.
Largely dry and fine across northern Europe with plenty of sunshine and a relatively milder flow moving in. Showers will affect the Balkan States though with these also across many easetern European counties. The far SE of Poland seeing heavier rain for a time.
Frequent, heavy snow continue to push on to southwestern areas of Norway with blustery winds creating drifting conditions for many here. Largely dry though cloudy across Sweden with near gales in the south. Dry again across Finland and the Baltic States. A mix of rain and snow affecting mainly western areas of Denmark. Staying cloudy further east.

Strengthening winds across northwest Spain with increasingly cloud cover here and acros much of Portugal, though it should remain dry. Mostly dry with sunny spells across the Balearcis, Italy and the islands though cannot rule out one or two scattered showers. Some showers across northern Greece and northern Turkey, otherwise dry.
Strengthening winds with building cloud and pregressing rain moving in from the west though it is a milder flow. The east staying dry. Some showery rain reaching western regions of the Low Countries with strengthening winds here too. Dry though breezy across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Czechia.
Staying cold across much of Scandinavia with snow affecting parts of Norway and many areas of Finland. Sweden does look to be mostly dry. Breezy and turning milder though increasing cloud through Denmark and the Baltics.

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