Europe forecast - December 01, 2022
Med heavy rain
Cold easterly wind

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 1st December 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Easterly winds picking up across Europe

Showers become heavy and more persistent through the day across east Spain and the Balearics. Cloudier skies down through southern coastal regions of Spain and Portugal, otherwise dry with sunny spells. Scattered showers for parts of Italy though many should stay dry. An improving day for Greece and Turkey though many will hang on to cloud.
Some lingering cloud through central and southern regions of France but most will be dry with sunny spells. A few scattered showers to coastal areas of the Low Countries but again most will stay dry. Some showery rain down the Balkan states, while elsewhere will be largely dry but with mist and fog patches.
Scattered rain, sleet and snow showers across Denmark and plenty of cloud while feeling cold. Largely dry through Norway and Sweden though there will be some sleet and snow onto eastern coastal areas of Sweden. Some scattered sleet and snow showers across Finland where it will feel cold too but most places remaining dry.

It remains unsettled across much of the central Mediterranean with heavy showers as well as longer spells of rain across the Balearics pushing on to eastern coastal areas of Spain, western regions of Italy and the surrounding islands. The rest of Spain and Portugal are largely fine and dry with sunny spells. Greece and Turkey too are mostly dry.
Any mist and fog across many of the central and northern European countries should soon lift as the winds become strengthened through the day. Showers as well as murk, mist and fog affecting many coastal areas of France and the Low Countries, otherwise mostly dry. Largely dry but breezy through Germany. Largely dry for Poland, Austria and Switzerland.
Breezy across Denmark with some scattered showers but mostly dry. Largely dry across the rest of Scandinavia though a few scattered sleet and snow showers through southern regions. Drying up across the Baltics though likely to remain mostly cloudy.

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