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UK Forecast - September 26, 2021
Rain clears east Monday
Cooler than the weekend

A cold front passes quickly eastwards in the morning - heavy rain across eastern Britain first thing will clear away into the North Sea by the middle of the day. Brighter skies follow, with sunny spells extending across the Midlands into East Anglia. West to southwest winds remain brisk, with showers affecting west and northern Britain much of the day, some heavy bursts. Some more constant rain for Ireland and western Scotland. Feeling cooler, highs 13 to 18C, warmest southeast.

Monday night
Many places will be dry into the night, although showery rain will continue to affect western coasts, plus a more organised area of rain may approach southwest England and Wales. A brisk south to southwest breeze should prevent fog forming. Variable cloud and some clearer skies toward the east and northeast. Overnight lows dipping to 7 to 11C, mildest near coasts. Some sheltered valleys in northern England and Highland glens may dip below 5C with grass frost locally at dawn.

An area of low pressure will sweep in from the southwest through the day. Heavy rain focused on south Wales, southwest England, Cumbria and southern Scotland. Rain spreads east across England toward evening, although eastern counties will escape dry much of daylight. Northern Scotland also escapes with little rain. Strong south to southwest winds, gusting gale force near coasts in south and west. Mild in the south and east, up to 19C, cooler north and west, nearer 13C.

An area of low pressure drifts eastward into the North Sea and fizzles out. Early rain and brisk winds in eastern Britain will fade. Risk of gales for a time on North Sea coasts. A brief ridge of high pressure will result in a dry day for much of England & Wales, although staying breezy. A few showers in the northwest. Another Atlantic low approaches from the west, bringing rain initially to Ireland, but reaching western Scotland later in the day. Feeling fresh, highs 13 to 17C.

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