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UK Forecast - September 25, 2021
Warm and windy Sunday
Widespread heavy rain into night

Warm southerly winds affect the country, gusting toward gale force near western coasts. Dry with sunshine and high cloud for central and eastern England & Scotland. Cloudier in the west. Patchy rain for central and southwest Scotland. A little rain may move into west Wales and northwest England. A cold front drifting eastward over Ireland brings heavier rain, this setting in for western Scotland in the afternoon. Highs 24C in eastern England, 22C Midlands, 17 to 20C in the west.

Sunday night
Rain moves into Wales and the southwest during the evening, turning heavy. A cold front moves quickly eastward across Britain overnight, bringing a spell of heavy rain to all regions, reaching eastern counties before dawn. Heaviest falls over south-facing hills. Rain clears from the west, but followed by clusters of showers for the southwest and across Ireland. Strong and gusty winds, gales near southern coasts. Mild ahead of rain, 12 to 14C, becoming cooler in west & north, 7 to 10C.

A cold front passes quickly eastwards early in the day - heavy rain across eastern Britain first thing will clear away into the North Sea during the morning. Brighter skies follow, with sunny spells extending across the Midlands into East Anglia. West to southwest winds remain brisk, with showers affecting west and northern Britain much of the day, some heavy bursts. Some more constant rain for Ireland and western Scotland. Feeling cooler, highs 13 to 18C, warmest southeast.

An area of low pressure will sweep in from the southwest through the day. Heavy rain for much of western Britain and across Ireland. Most prolonged heavy falls focused on southern Scotland. Rain spreads east across England and Wales through the afternoon into evening. Northern Scotland escapes with little rain. Strong south to southwest winds, gusting gale force near coasts in south and west. Mild in the south and east, up to 19C, cooler north and west, nearer 13C.

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