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UK Forecast - September 14, 2021
Largely dry

A weak occluded front drifts east through Scotland and Northern Ireland bringing some patchy, generally lighter, rain here, although the odd heavier burst is possible across northern Scotland. Elsewhere, the day is likely to be mainly dry with some sunny spells. Scattered showers across parts of Ireland perhaps moving into Wales later. Highs at 17 to 22C, though cooler across northern Scotland.

Wednesday Night
Rain continues to affect the far north of Scotland and the Northern Isles. Largely dry elsewhere across the country though. Variable cloud across England and Scotland with best of the clear skies through Ireland and Northern Ireland for a time before cloud thickens here again. Possible drizzle for far western coasts. Lows down to 7 to 9C for parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, generally in double figures elsewhere.

A ridge of high pressure builds across the British Isles through Thursday. It will be a fair day for most with broken cloud and some sunny spells, although there could be some low cloud affecting eastern coasts. Cloud gradually thickens in the west with patchy, mostly light, rain moving in across Ireland, Northern Ireland into the far west of Scotland. A reasonably mild day with highs at 17 to 24C.

Spells of rain will push across Ireland, Northern Ireland and far western regions of Scotland, heavy and persistent in places. Staying mainly dry with sunny spells elsewhere and feeling mild though Cornwall may well also see some rain through the afternoon. Highs at 19 and 24C, cooler though under the cloud and rain.


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