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Week ahead - February 02, 2018
Cold or Very Cold
Snow Risk

A pronounced cold period of weather is set to dominate

Increasing risk of snow through the next few days.

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Monday 5/2/18
A cold start with frost and icy patches again possible. Mainly dry through most of the morning across England and Wales with some sunshine, but with then rain, sleet and snow developing across Scotland and Ireland before moving south and east through the day. Highs 1C to 4C.

Tuesday 6/2/18
Cold or perhaps very cold with frost and icy patches, while sleet and snow during the morning clears away to the south-east, and with then blustery wintry showers developing across many northern and western areas, these often as snow across inland areas. Highs 0C to 4C.

Wednesday 7/2/18
Uncertainties over the details, but showery in the north and west, likely wintry especially on hills, England and Wales often dry with some bright or sunny spells but with overnight frost and ice for many areas. Highs 1C to 5C.


Thursday 8/2/18
Another likely cold, frosty and in places icy start to the day with plenty of dry and bright, if not sunny weather across England and Wales. Potentially becoming more unsettled from the west as the day progresses with rain, sleet and snow developing. Windy as well with fresh or strong W or SW'ly winds Highs 1C to 5C

Friday 9/2/18
Uncertainties but rain, sleet and snow moving south-eastwards through the day perhaps with some significant snowfall in places, especially on higher ground. Colder showery weather returning, from the north-west, later in the day. Remaining cold or very cold. Highs 2C to 6C.

Saturday 10/2/18
Unsettled weather may well return from the west through the day after a cold start with frost and ice, perhaps turning less-colder from the west later too in association with the more unsettled, wet and windy conditions. Highs 3C to 7C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 03.02. various clouds, sleet  -  85%
Su, 04.02. cloudy  -  70%
Mo, 05.02. various clouds, snow  -  60%
Tu, 06.02. various clouds, light snow  -  50%
We, 07.02. various clouds, light snow  -  45%
Th, 08.02. various clouds  -  35%
Fr, 09.02. various clouds, snow  -  35%
Sa, 10.02. various clouds, sleet  -  30%
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