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UK Forecast - February 07, 2020

A front passes eastward with a spell of rain overnight into Saturday morning, clearing eastern counties into the morning. A few clusters of showers follow from the west, but there will be sunny spells too. A band of heavy rain moves in from the west bringing heavy bursts to Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland through the afternoon and evening. A brisk southwesterly wind will strengthen further into the evening and rain will continue to spread southeastward. Highs from 5 to 9 or 10C.

Saturday night
Through the night it will be briefly drier and calmer for Scotland as one band of heavy rain spreads southeastward over England and Wales and another band of rain moves in from the west over Ireland and Northern Ireland. Strong winds continue to the west and south and pick up once again over Scotland as rain arrives to the south here through the early morning. Overnight lows at -1 to 3C for much of Scotland, 5 to 8 or 9C elsewhere.

A very windy day for all as a deep area of low pressure passes north of Britain. Risk of widespread gales, strongest gusts around exposed coasts in the west and north, topping 70mph. Heavy rain passing eastwards, most prolonged over western hills. Driest toward the southeast of England. Showers, these often heavy, follow from the west. Mild air, highs reaching 7 to 14C.

Chillier air moves in from the northwest and it stays very windy across the country. Strong to gale force westerlies will drive frequent pulses of rain across Britain and Ireland. Snow over hills to the north and west and potentially to lower levels in the north. Drier to the east with some bright spells. Highs at 3 to 8C.


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