Morning Call - December 15, 2017
Cold wet continues across many areas
Wintry showers at times, overnight frost and ice

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 15th December 2017
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Wintry showers around the periphery of the UK in particular, lot of dry weather inland, but cold for all

Good morning,

It's a cold start to the day across many areas with a risk of frost and icy patches. Wintry showers around the periphery of the UK are expected but with some sleet and snow moving southwards out of S Scotland and down into N England perhaps bringing local slight accumulations. Otherwise many areas inland areas having a dry morning with some sunshine.

Through the afternoon and not a great deal of change is expected. Further wintry showers with an awkward mix of rain, sleet and snow are expected around the periphery of the British Isles, but many inland areas will be mainly dry with some bright or sunny spells. All areas cold in a moderate or fresh N'ly wind and temperatures soon approaching freezing by the end of the afternoon across inland regions.

Many areas will remaing mainly dry into Friday evening and overnight, especially across S Scotland and much of England and Wales where it will cold with a widespread frost and some icy patches as well. A few showers, perhaps locally wintry may move into parts of W Scotland, Ireland and Wales by the end of the night, increasing the risk of some icy conditions here. Winds N or NW'ly light or moderate.