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Month ahead - November 22, 2017
Valid from 25/11 to 22/12 2017
Valid from 25/11 to 22/12 2017

Issued: Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

A mixed month with changeable weather and varying temperatures

A mixed month ahead with varying temperatures and spells of wetter and drier weather.
Neither weather regime is expected to become established for more than a few days.
There will be more 'seasonal' weather than recent Decembers, although at this stage there is little sign of any deep cold ahead.

*25/11/17 - 1/12/17*
Turning colder through the weekend with wintry showers, most to the north and west.
A wet start to the new week and perhaps milder before cooler weather returns once more into the middle to end of the week.
It may be breezy too, especially in eastern areas.

*2/12/17 - 8/12/17*
Probably staying chilly for much of this week.
Mild air to the south will be in battle with cold air to the north.
The week is likely to be rather unsettled with periods of rain at times and the threat of strong winds. Rain may clear to sleet with snow on northern hills.

*9/12/17 - 15/12/17*
After a chilly start the week is probably going to be rather mixed.
It may be that the jet drifts to the south bringing cloud and rain here, although northern areas tending to be drier.

*16/12/17 - 22/12/17*
This week is looking more unsettled. There is likely to be lower pressure with periods of rain and stronger winds at times. Temperatures will varying with milder air penetrating from time to time, although colder air returning from the north on certain days too, perhaps with wintry showers.

*23/12/17 to 29/12/17*
There is much uncertainty surrounding expected Christmas conditions.
At this time we expect the mixed weather to persist. Periods of rain and showers at times, some heavy and varying temperatures through the week.


Simon Keeling
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