Morning Call - December 24, 2017
Very mild but often dry
Some brighter weather in the east

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 24th December 2017
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Very mild weather continues into Christmas Eve, but increasingly unsettled in the north and west

Good morning,

It's another very mild start to the day especially across England and Wales, but it is mainly dry here. Wet weather is present though across Scotland and N Ireland with outbreaks of rain and drizzle and it's also windy across more northern and western areas in particular too.

Through the afternoon and the rather wet and windy conditions will persist across Scotland and Ireland, slowly moving down into some northern areas of England. Overall though much of England and Wales will maintain a lot of dry weather, perhaps with some brighter intervals to the east of high ground in particular and remaining mild or very mild too.

Wet weather continues to move down into N England, but only slow, while much of central and southern areas of England and Wales are mainly dry with some clear spells, but generally with a lot of cloud that may bring some patchy light rain and drizzle to western hills. Wet and windy weather will, however, continue across much of Scotland and N Ireland with some locally large rainfall totals adding up across W Scotland in particular by this point.


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