Morning Call - December 01, 2017
Cold winds again
Dry for many

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 1st December 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Wintry showers south-east

Good morning,

High pressure lies to the west of the British Isles today. Cold northerly winds continue to affect England & Wales, but there will be a good amount of sunshine, best in central and western areas.

A few wintry showers affect North Sea coasts, although fewer than on Thursday. Shower bands focused around the Dover Strait will locally extend inland across Kent and East Sussex, giving a possible covering of snow over higher ground. Showers over the Irish Sea should tend to fade.

A warm front moves into Scotland from the north-west, introducing less cold air for all this weekend. Drizzly rain sinks south across Scotland today, preceded by sleet or snow, which then moves into northern parts of England, Wales & Ireland this evening.

Today's top temperatures will struggle at 4 or 5C or below for many places, and feeling sub-zero in the wind. Temperatures will then rise slowly from the north-west after dark.

Have a great day.

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