Morning Call - December 22, 2017
Very mild but often dry
Some brighter weather in the east

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 22nd December 2017
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

The very mild weather continues but with a lot of grey and murky conditions too

Good morning,

It's a very mild start across most areas but it is mostly cloudy and grey still too. The cloud thick enough for some patchy light rain and drizzle across W Scotland, NW England and Wales with low cloud and hill fog too. More central and eastern areas perhaps seeing some brighter intervals as cloud breaks more locally.

Through the afternoon and not a great deal will change with many western areas exposed to a light W'ly wind will maintain extensive cloud and with some patchy rain and drizzle, but this perhaps becoming more persistent across W Scotland in particular. Further low cloud and hill fog is to be expected, this bringing poor visibility across higher level routes. Cloud may still break, however, to the east of high ground with some brighter intervals possible.

Into Friday evening and the risk of more persistent rain and drizzle will develop across W Scotland in particular where it will become windy as well. Further patchy rain and drizzle is likely across NW England and Wales, with poor visibility due to low cloud and hill fog. The rest of England though will maintain a lot of dry weather but remaining mostly cloudy and rather dank. A mild or very mild evening is to be expected for most.


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