Europe forecast - November 16, 2020
Unsettled north
Heavy rain Italy & the Balkans

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 16th November 2020
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Low pressure brings heavy rain to Italy and the Balkans

Patchy rain over northern parts of Spain and the Balearic Islands fades to leave a mostly cloudy day over Iberia. the best of the sun to the south. Bands of locally heavy rain move from northwest to southeast over Italy nad the Balkans - staying dry and bright to the far south of Italy and for Sicily. A mostly dry and bright day for Greece and Turkey though rain arrives to the far west of Greece later.
Early rain clears east from northern France and the Low Countries to leave a dry and fair day here. Patchy rain too over northern Germany but staying drier to the south. Sleet and snow for the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Mostly dry and fair for eastern Poland, Slovakia and Hungary with just isolated patchy outbreaks of rain here while western Poland and the Czech Republic see a band of rain move from west to east.
A breezy day with outbreaks of rain for much of Scandinavia on Monday. Rain turns to snow over higher ground in southern Norway. Bands of rain spread from west to east over Denmark and from southwest to northeast over Norway, Sweden and Finland. Mostly dry but overcast for the Baltic States though rain arrives from the west through the evening.

Tuesday is mostly dry and sunny for Portugal, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia and northern Italy. Southern parts of Italy, Sicily and the southern Balkans see further heavy outbreaks of rain. Rain spreads into western Greece too but it stays drier and bright to the east and for much of Turkey.
A dry and fair day for France and for the Low Countries too after early rain clears east. Dry and bright for Switzerland and Austria. Patchy outbreaks of rain affect northern parts of Germany and Poland though most areas will stay dry. Early rain fades over the Czech Republic to leave a fair day here while rain also clears from Slovakia and Hungary to leave a dry and sunny afternoon here.
Breezy again with outbreaks of rain spreading from west to east over Denmark, Norway and southern Sweden. This readily turns to sleet and snow over higher ground in Norway. Cloudy with patchy outbreaks of rain for northern Sweden while it will also be cloudy for Finland with more extensive outbreaks of rain here. This locally heavy to the south. A breezy day for the Baltic States with bands of rian passing from west to east.

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