Europe forecast - November 23, 2020
Rain eases in south Italy
Largely dry

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 23rd November 2020
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Improving conditions across central Europe, while rain continues to ease in southern parts of Italy.

Dry and sunny for Portugal, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia and much of Italy. Some heavy bursts of rain linger to the far south here and for Sicily. Dry and bright conditions extend over much of Greece and Turkey too.
Cloudy with patchy light rain over northern France, the Low Countries and Germany. This clears east through the morning. Dry and bright for southern France and Switzerland. Cloudy for Poland with patchy rain to the north and south. Rather cloudy too for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary with isolated outbreaks of light rain.
Low pressure starts to fill up over Scandinavia allowing winds to ease here. Mostly bright for Sweden and Norway though frequent wintry showers persist over western coasts. Early showers fade for Denmark to leave a mostly dry and fair day here. Mixed conditions for Finland and the Baltic States with sunny spells and scattered showers. These increasingly wintry to the north.

Starting dry and fine for Portugal and Spain but becoming increasingly cloudy across Portugal and western parts of Spain through the day with rain affecting these areas. Drier and brighter further east. Dry and fine for the Balearic Islands as well as much of Italy, Sardinia and Corsica. Cloudy still with some patchy rain across the far south of Italy and Sicily. Largely dry and fine over Greece and Turkey.
Largely dry and fine for France although the far northwest will see cloud thicken and some patchy light rain move in here later. Dry across the Low Countries as well as Germany. Dry with sunshine for the Alpine countries as well as the Balkan States. Dry too for much of eastern Europe.
Breezy and cloudy across much of Denmark with some patchy rain about. Bands of rain push northwards across Norway and Sweden. Light and patchy rain will clear Finland to allow for an improving day here. Cloudy with some patchy rain affecting the Baltic States, particularly during the afternoon.

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