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Forecast: We, 20.09.2017, Europe

Cities: 75 (75) Temp. Weather
Ahtopol 31°C  mostly sunny
Aytos 31°C  mostly sunny
Aksakovo 27°C  various clouds
Balchik 25°C  various clouds
Berkovitsa 26°C  showers and thunderstorms
Botev Peak 11°C  isolated showers
Burgas 30°C  mostly sunny
Harmanli 36°C  mostly sunny
Haskovo 38°C  mostly sunny
Dragoman 23°C  isolated showers and thunderstorms
Dzjuljunitsa 31°C  mostly sunny
Elhovo 36°C  sunny
Etropole 23°C  showers and thunderstorms
Gorna Oryahovitsa 29°C  mostly sunny
Ihtiman 24°C  mostly sunny

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