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Forecast: Fr, 26.08.2016, Micronesia

Cities: 14 (14) Temp. Weather
Fananu Island 32°C  various clouds
Kapingamarangi 31°C  mostly sunny
Kosrae 29°C  showers
Losap 32°C  light rain
Lukunor 32°C  mostly sunny
Mokil Atoll 31°C  showers
Nukuoro 29°C  showers and thunderstorms
Palikir 32°C  rain
Pingelap Atoll 31°C  showers and thunderstorms
Pohnpei 32°C  rain
Puluwat Atoll 33°C  various clouds
Truk Inseln 32°C  various clouds
Woleai Atoll 31°C  various clouds
Yap Inseln 34°C  various clouds