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Week ahead - March 09, 2018
Rain and Showers At Times
Mild For Most

Changeable but often unsettled weather dominates in the coming days but, overall, it will be relatively mild

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Monday 12/3/18
Monday is set to remain unsettled as low pressure continues to dominate the weather across the British Isles. Showery weather is likely across more northern areas, perhaps wintry on Scottish hills. At the moment a new developing area of low pressure may well bringing a greater risk of longer spells of heavy rain across much of England and Wales through the day, local downpours and thunderstorms in places. Windy in the south and west, winds lighter further north. Highs 5C to 11C.

Tuesday 13/3/18
A mainly dry start to Tuesday is possible, perhaps with some brighter intervals and these mainly dry and brighter conditions then perhaps persisting across more eastern areas of the UK through most of the day. However unsettled weather conditions may well return to more western areas through the day bringing increasingly wet and windy conditions, risk of some heavy rain in the west. Winds lighter in the east, windier in the west. Highs 4C to 10C.

Wednesday 14/3/18
Uncertainties over the details but the unsettled weather patterns are likely to continue as low pressure dominates to the west and north-west with perhaps further low pressure systems moving over the UK through the day. Often unsettled, as a result, with further rain and showers especially in the north and west, often heavy, perhaps some drier intervals in the south and east. Windy, especially in the north and west, but overall mild. Highs 5C to 12C.

Thursday 15/3/18
It is set to remain unsettled through into Thursday of next week at the moment with most of the weather models continuing to signal low pressure being the dominant feature of the weather. It is, as a result, likely to remain mostly cloudy for many areas with further rain and showers, perhaps especially across northern and western areas where locally heavy. Perhaps some drier and brighter intervals in the south and east at times. Remaining windy, especially in the north and west, strong or local gales possible. A little cooler, highs 4C to 9C.

Friday 16/3/18
The unsettled weather patterns are forecast to continue across most areas as low pressure remains slow moving just to the west of the UK. Rain and showers are likely, at times, especially in the west where locally heavy and perhaps breezy. Best chance of any drier and brighter intervals perhaps in the far north-east and south-east. Average temperatures, highs 4C to 10C.

Saturday 17/3/18
Likely remaining unsettled in the north and west especially with further spells of rain and showers at times, perhaps still windy here as well. Some showers further south and east but with a greater chance of some drier and brighter intervals at times. Highs 4C to 8C in the north and west, 7C to 11C in the south and east.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 10.03. cloudy, rain  - 13° 90%
Su, 11.03. various clouds, light rain  - 13° 80%
Mo, 12.03. various clouds, heavy rain  - 11° 70%
Tu, 13.03. various clouds, rain  - 10° 60%
We, 14.03. cloudy, rain  - 12° 50%
Th, 15.03. cloudy, rain  -  45%
Fr, 16.03. cloudy, light rain  - 10° 40%
Sa, 17.03. various clouds, rain  - 11° 30%