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Week ahead - February 09, 2020
Stormy at times
Widespread gales

Issued: 1000hrs Sunday 9th February 2020
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Stormy conditions bring widespread gales, rain, hill snow and high seas

Atlantic weather systems arrive through the weekend and beyond with some stormy conditions developing. Widespread gales or severe gales from Sunday onward. High seas will affect the coastlines, particularly western and southern parts of Britain and Ireland.

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Wednesday 12/02/20
A strong northwesterly flow continues on Wednesday. The day starts breezy with frequent wintry showers to the west but both showers and winds ease for a spell through the afternoon. The far north of Scotland could see persistent rain, sleet and snow throughout the day. There will be good spells of sunshine for most. Rain arrives to the west of Ireland through the evening, accompanied by strengthening winds once more, reaching southwestern parts of the UK overnight. Highs at 2 to 7C.

Thursday 13/02/20
An area of low pressure brings outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow to Wales and central and southern parts of England through Thursday morning. Snow could fall to lower levels across the Midlands for a time. This clears to the east through the early afternoon. A dry and mostly bright day further north and west for Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England. High temperatures at 2 to 8C.

Friday 14/02/20
A deep area of low pressure brings high winds and heavy outbreaks of rain to Ireland and Northern Ireland through Thursday night and this spreads across the UK through Friday turning to snow over higher ground to the north. Rain clears away from eastern areas through the afternoon but persists over Scotland and northern England. Widespread gales expected, severe gales west. Highs at 3 to 10C.

Saturday 15/02/20
Conditions continue very unsettled on Saturday with the arrival of another deep Atlantic Low. There will be outbreaks of heavy rain across the UK and Ireland. Once again this rain will be accompanied by strong winds and will turn to snow over higher ground to the north. Widespread gales are possible. Highs of 4 to 11C.

Sunday 16/02/20
Sunday seems likely to remain unsettled at this stage with outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow and high winds across the country. Rain expected to be heaviest to the south which is where the strongest winds will be. Winds at gale force or stronger here. Highs at 3 to 7C.

Monday 17/02/20
Low pressure may clear to the east on Monday leaving a drier, brighter, calmer day. Showers will continue to the west where they will be wintry over higher ground. High temperatures at 4 to 7C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 10.02. various clouds, sleet  -  90%
Tu, 11.02. various clouds, sleet  -  80%
We, 12.02. various clouds, sleet  -  70%
Th, 13.02. various clouds, sleet  -  60%
Fr, 14.02. cloudy, rain  - 10° 60%
Sa, 15.02. cloudy, rain  - 11° 50%
Su, 16.02. various clouds, sleet  -  50%
Mo, 17.02. various clouds, light sleet  -  40%
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