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Week ahead - March 03, 2018

Less cold than of late and, overall, predominantly unsettled for most areas

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Tuesday 6/3/18
Low pressure over southern parts of the country brings sunshine and showers. The showers heavy and slow moving at times. Longer spells of rain possible across parts of Scotland and perhaps eastern areas of England, precipitation wintry on higher ground here. Overnight frosts. Highs at 3C to 8C.

Wednesday 7/3/18
No significant changes into Wednesday at the moment with low pressure slow moving over the British Isles bringing showers, perhaps some longer spells of rain and of which may be wintry still across some northern areas. Some drier and brighter intervals are possible though at times, perhaps especially through central areas. Overnight frost risk continues. Highs at 3C to 8C.

Thursday 8/3/18
Uncertainties but it is likely that low pressure will continue to dominate the weather bringing further showery conditions and perhaps with some longer spells of rain in places too. Precipitation still wintry though, especially in the north where some snow is possible, especially on higher ground. Highs 3C to 8C.

Friday 9/3/18
At the moment low pressure is set to continue to dominate, but with low confidence in the details. It is likely that further showers dominate, but with perhaps longer spells of rain moving up into the British Isles, from the south-west later in the day. Still a risk of some wintry precipitation across northern areas with some wintry precipitation too. Highs 3C to 9C.

Saturday 10/3/18
Low confidence but unsettled weather looks set to prevail as low pressure continues to dominate the weather across much of the British Isles bringing an on-going risk of rain or showers, at times, with perhaps some wintry precipitation still in northern areas. Overnight frost and ice risk possible. Highs 2C to 7C.

Sunday 11/3/18
Low confidence but early wet weather perhaps clearing to leave drier but rather cold conditions for many, perhaps with then milder, wetter and windier weather arriving from the west later in the day. Highs 3C to 9C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Su, 04.03. various clouds, light snow  -  90%
Mo, 05.03. various clouds, sleet  -  80%
Tu, 06.03. various clouds, light rain  -  70%
We, 07.03. various clouds, light rain  -  60%
Th, 08.03. cloudy, light rain  -  50%
Fr, 09.03. various clouds, rain  -  40%
Sa, 10.03. cloudy, light rain  -  35%
Su, 11.03. cloudy  -  30%