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UK Forecast - May 10, 2019
Sun and showers Saturday
Dry weather ahead

Areas of showery rain around from dawn locally, but many places will start the day dry, bright and cool. Showers will build up through the morning down the spine of Britain, these tending to transfer gradually eastwards through the day. Showers locally merging to give rain for an hour or more. Western areas tending to become dry with sunny spells. Winds mostly light northerlies. Highs 11 to 16C.

Saturday night
Showers will fade on Saturday evening, and cloud will tend to break up, leaving some lengthy clear spells overnight. Winds will drop light for most places. Local mist patches may form. Slight frost is likely away from towns and cities. Temperatures dipping to between 2 and 5C widely, but locally freezing or just below zero in prone rural frost hollows.

High pressure influences the country, resulting in a fair day for most places. Cloud will tend to bubble up through the day, and very isolated light showers are possible in central areas and over the Pennines by the afternoon. Light and variable winds. A cool start with local mist patches, but temperatures rising higher than previous days, up to 14 to 18C, warmest in the south and west.

High pressure centred to the east of England brings dry and fairly sunny weather to all regions of Britain. Weak fronts passing to the northwest of Scotland may give a bit more cloud and small chance of drizzly rain to the western Isles. A light south to southeasterly breeze. Temperatures rising after a cool start to 15 to 18C, locally warmer to the lee of high ground in the north & west.

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