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UK Forecast - January 01, 2021
Staying cold
Rain, sleet and snow

A cold northeasterly wind prevails into Saturday. Light wind and some fog patches to start, particularly over southern Scotland and northern England. Ice and frost pose a risk for many but more so across northern areas. Overall it should be a largely bright and dry day for many. An area of snow is expected to develop over southern parts of northeast England through the late morning edging across the Midlands and into Wales later. Elsewhere, any local wintry showers tend to be concentrated over northern Scotland and along coastal regions of the UK and Ireland. High temperatures at 1 to 5C for most, 6 or 7C along the coasts.

Saturday night
Snow clears the southwest of the UK to leave a mostly cloudy but dry night here. Elsewhere a northeasterly wind brings frequent wintry showers to eastern coastal regions of England, Ireland and Scotland. Mainly clear skies over Ireland and Northern Ireland will allow for a widespread frost and ice patches to develop here. Temperatures widely dropping to -3 to -1C over western and central areas where a frost will be a concern for most, 1 to 3C over eastern coastal regions.

Winds veer easterly into Sunday as low pressure develops to the southeast and high pressure pushes across northern Scotland. This brings wintry showers to eastern areas of the British Isles. Becoming breezy over southern areas too. Staying drier over northern and western areas with the best of the sun for Ireland, Northern Ireland and northern Scotland. Highs at 2 to 5C for most, 6 or 7C again possible for coastal areas.

High pressure to the north of the UK and low pressure to the south on Monday maintains an easterly flow. A low pressure system may bring an area of patchy rain, sleet and snow accompanied by slightly more brisk winds across southern parts of the UK and southeast Ireland. Staying largely dry, fine and cold over much of Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. High temperatures of 1 to 5C.

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