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UK Forecast - March 15, 2020
Dry and mild south
Cloud, rain & drizzle north

A ridge of high pressure extends across the southern half of Britain, bringing a dry day with broken cloud, sunshine and light winds. Meanwhile, southwesterly winds will strengthen in northern areas of Britain and Ireland. Cloud thickens, and rain pushes into western Scotland and Ireland through the afternoon, becoming heavier toward evening in the Highlands. Highs 8 to 12C after a chilly start.

Monday night
Cloudy skies for northern and western areas, with rain or drizzle across western Scotland, northern England and west Wales coming in on southwesterly winds. Largely dry in eastern Scotland. The Midlands and southern England stay dry with some cloud breaks and light winds. Temperatures ranging from 2 to 5C in clearer areas with slight rural frost, to 5 to 8C under cloud and rain.

A southwesterly breeze affects the country and weak fronts will be draped over northern areas. A lot of cloud cover, with rain or drizzle frequent around western coasts and hills, although amounts fairly small. Rain may become heavier later for Northern Ireland and western Scotland. The south and east stay largely dry with occasional sun. Generally mild, top temperatures 10 to 13C, locally higher in east.

Dry and mild in the south of England & Wales, with hazy sunshine. Highs 13 to 15C. south A frontal zone extends across northern parts of England & Wales bringing cloud, rain and drizzle, most persistent on western hills - this may linger for much of the day. Further north into Scotland & Northern Ireland it will be drier and brighter, with sunshine and scattered showers, but feeling cool at 7 to 10C.

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