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UK Forecast - May 12, 2019
A run of dry days
Pleasantly warm for most

High pressure centred to the east of England brings dry and fairly sunny weather to all regions of Britain. Weak fronts passing to the north of Scotland may give a bit more cloud and small chance of drizzly rain to the Northern Isles. A fresh easterly breeze near the English Channel. A light southerly breeze elsewhere. Starting cool with mist patches. Highs 15 to 19C, locally warmer northern Scotland.

Monday night
Dry for all areas, with skies largely clear. Light winds for most places, although an easterly breeze continues around south and southwestern coasts. Some mist patches forming in low-lying areas up to dawn. A slight frost possible in rural areas. Lows 3 to 6C, locally dipping to zero in prone frost hollows.

High pressure resides to the east of Britain, promoting a southeasterly airflow across the country into midweek. Light winds overall, although southwestern coasts may be breezier. A lot of sunshine, a slight haze. Local mist patches from dawn. Highest temperatures toward the north and west in shelter to the lee of the hills, widely 16 to 20C, locally a little warmer in northern Scotland. Cooler near coasts.

High pressure stays northeast of the UK. A slack southeasterly pattern prevails. Dry and sunny overall, perhaps a slight haze toward the south and east. Light winds for most, but a brisk easterly on the south coast. Some high cloud may come into Ireland. Starting cool with local mist patches and a touch of frost rurally. Highs 15 to 18C, locally topping 20C in favoured spots in the north & west.

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