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Morning Call - January 19, 2021
Wet west and northwest
Mild south, cold north

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 19th January 2021
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Wet, a risk of heavy rain in Wales and northwest England, mild to the south but cold north

Heavy periods of rain across Ireland and into north Wales and northwest England this morning. Snow may affect highest ground of Northern Ireland and northwest England. Drier and windy through the rest of central and southern England and Wales. Drizzle affecting western coasts of Wales and southwest England. Drier and colder for Scotland but some wintry showers in the north.

Heavy periods of rain persistent through Ireland and northern England and well as central and western Wales together with southwest England this afternoon. Snow again affects parts of Northern Ireland and northern England, mostly but not only over high ground. Breezy in the south with cloud across much of central and eastern England. Colder for Scotland, some wintry showers north and west.

More rain tonight and this could lead to flooding in Wales and northwest England. Wet too in parts of southwest England. Snow could again afect central Ireland and the high ground of northern England. Cold again in Scotland, some showers in the east, drier in the west. A severe frost in Ireland tonight.

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