Morning Call - November 15, 2020
Wet & windy
Gales south & west

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 15th November 2020
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Bands of rain circulate around a complex area of low pressure that moves eastward over the UK today. Most areas will likely see rain or showers at some point today. A windy day across the UK and Ireland too with gales developing to the west and south.

Good Morning,


A band of rain spreads through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and, later in the morning, into southern Scotland. Further north, it's a drier start to the day for central and northern parts of Scotland though western areas will see some showers. Brighter conditions develop behind the rain too over southern Ireland, eastern Wales and western England briefly. Windy across southern areas with gales to the far south.

Through the afternoon an area of rain clears east from the northern half of the island of Ireland spreading into southwest Scotland and northwest England. Further south an area of heavy rain makes its way eastward over southern England accompanied by gale force winds. Away from these two main areas of rain it will be a brighter afternoon though blustery showers cannot be ruled out. Through the late afternoon an other band of rain arrives to the west of Ireland which will be accompanied by gales.

Rain spreads over the northern half of the island of Ireland through the evening and into western parts of the UK. A further area of rain will affect northern England. A drier end to the day with clearer skies for a time for eastern parts of England and Scotland though there may still be some patchy showers around here. Gales continue to affect western and southern areas.

Have a good day!


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