Morning Call - November 21, 2020
Rain moves south
Gales north

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 21st November 2020
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

A cold front brings outbreaks of rain to Ireland, England and Wales today. This becomes increasingly light and patchy over southern areas. Cooler but brighter conditions follow from the northwest though there will be scattered showers over western coasts and hills. Milder but rather cloudy ahead of the front to the south. Winds will be strong to the north and gale to severe gale force winds are expected to affect northern and western parts of Scotland.

Good Morning,

A weak cold front brings cloud and outbreaks of rain to parts of Northern Ireland, southeast Ireland, southern Scotland, northern England and north Wales on Saturday morning as it makes it way southeastward across the region. Cooler but brighter conditions follow to the north though there will be frequent showers over western Scotland. Winds strenthen behind the front too and gale to severe gales are expected to affect northern parts of Scotland. Milder ahead of the front to the south but rather cloudy to start for much of England and Wales.

The front continues southeastward through the afternoon making its way across the Midlands and Wales where it brings some patchy outbreaks of rain. Brighter conditions spread across Ireland and Northern Ireland with showers to the west. Showers continue for western parts of Scotland where they may be rather wintry in nature while eastern areas stay dry. Strong gales persist over northern Scotland while coastal gales affect western areas. Cloud thickens over southern England.

Into Saturday evening and clearer skies develop across northern and central parts of England and Wales and persist over Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Scattered showers continue to affect western areas here and gales continue to affect northern and western areas. Staying rather cloudy over southern England with some patchy light rain here too.

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