Morning Call - November 19, 2020

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 19th November 2020
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

A cold but mostly bright start to the day across the UK and Ireland with showers to the east and over Wales. These will be wintry over northern Scotland. A very windy start for eastern coastal regions of England and Scotland. Showers tend to ease, along with winds, through the afternoon as cloud builds from the west over Ireland and the western UK. Rain arrives over Ireland later spreading into Northern Ireland and Scotland through the evening. Winds pick up again here too.

Good Morning,

A bright, cold start for many this morning with wintry showers for northern and eastern parts of Scotland. A few showers around too for eastern parts of England. It will be very windy to start to the east as well. Some rain for northern and western parts of Wales too but this will become increasingly showery as the morning progresses. Mostly dry and bright for Northern Ireland and Ireland though there may be the odd isolated shower to the north and it will become increasingly cloudy towards lunchtime.

Showers become less wintry into Thursday afternoon but linger for eastern coastal regions of England and Scotland. This is also where the best of any afternoon sun will be as low pressure approaches from the west building cloud over Ireland and into the west of the UK. Winds ease through the afternoon. High temperatures reachign just 4 to 9C.

Rain arrives to the west of Ireland during the late afternoon and through the evening spreads across Ireland and Northern Ireland and into the far west of Scotland. Winds start to pick up again here. Staying dry elsewhere across the UK but increasingly cloudy.

Have a good day!


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