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UK Forecast - October 22, 2021
Becoming milder
Turning unsettled

The ridge of high pressure remains over much of England and Wales on Saturday with largely dry weather expected, although some patchy light rain and drizzle will affect western areas along with some low cloud and mist. Best of the lasting sunshine across the southeast. Meanwhile, rain spreads eastwards across Ireland, Northern Ireland and into western Scotland. Winds will strengthen through the day but from a milder south-westerly direction. Highs at 11 to 14C.

Saturday Night
Overnight, the band of heavier rain will continue to push eastwards, clearing Ireland and Northern Ireland by morning, and pushing across the rest of Scotland into northern England, Wales and southwest England. Drier elsewhere. Clear skies behind but also some blustery showers as winds stay brisk. A milder night with lows between 7 and 11C.

A largely bright day for Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland but with blustery showers about, heaviest and most frequent in the west. Broken cloud across England and Wales with outbreaks of rain tracking southeastwards here. Rain likely to be light and patchy towards southeast England and some areas staying completely dry. A windy day with fresh to strong winds, particularly towards coasts. Highs at a milder 12 to 16C.

Another mixed day with blustery winds. Sunny spells and showers are expected, these most frequent in the west. Eastern areas are likely to stay largely dry and may start bright, although with cloud increasing later and the chance for southeastern English counties to see a few scattered showers. Highs at 10 to 16C.


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