Month ahead - May 06, 2023
Valid from 08/05 to 04/06 2023
Valid from 08/05 to 04/06 2023

Issued: Saturday 6th May 2023
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

A largely mixed rest of the month of May with rain, showers as well as some dry periods. Perhaps a drier spells for some later in the month if high pressure builds over Europe towards the UK.

*8/5/23 - 14/5/23*
Low pressure in the Atlantic bringing in rain and showers through the start of the week.
The Azores high pressure ridges northwards seeing drier weather later.
A predominately westerly wind flow bringing average temperatures.

*15/5/23 - 21/5/23*
Low pressure trough develops over the North Sea.
High pressure from the Azores continues to build in across the Atlantic.
Lower pressure will bring more rain and showers to northern and eastern areas.
Western and south-western areas fairing better perhaps with the drier weather.
A cooler week with a more north to north-westerly wind flow.

*22/5/23 - 28/5/23*
Higher pressure builds up through central into northern Europe.
While lower pressure develops down towards Spain and the Biscay.
More mixed conditions come about further west and southwest.
Perhaps drier in the east.
A warmer southerly flow could bring up the temperatures.
Though also the risk of some heavy and thundery showers.

*29/5/23 - 4/6/23*
High pressure sits strong over Scandinavia this week.
Lower pressure signal still down towards Spain and the Biscay.
An easterly wind flow develops this week.
Cooler temperatures in the east and warmer further west.
Drier towards the east and northeast while wet at times elsewhere.


Alexi Venerus
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