Europe forecast - June 30, 2022
Thunderstorms east Europe
Dry, hot Med

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 30th June 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Turning more unsettled across north and east Europe with heavy rain and thunderstorms

More sunshine across Spain and Portugal through Thursday. This sunshine extends through much of the Mediterranean including Italy and Greece. Western turkey will be dry and sunny although there will be some thunderstorms in the east. The whole Mediterranean will be hot.
Some heavy, thundery showers affecting eastern parts of France. Lots of showers in the west where it will be feeling cooler. Heavy rain and thunderstorms may affect the Low Countries as well as western parts of Germany. Further thundery showers in central and southern Poland but fair in the north. Hungary will be dry with lots of sunshine whilst heavy and widespread thunderstorms affect Austria and Switzerland.
Plenty of sunshine and dry weather for Denmark. Some rain in eastern parts of Sweden but dry for other areas. Thundery showers in the Baltic states, these affecting western parts of Finland to. Norway should be dry with plenty of sunshine.

A largely dry and hot Mediterranean with plenty of sunshine, though a few developing local thunderstorms are expected across Greece.
A dry and fine day through France and much fo the Low Countries. Rain and showers clearing Germany though stull cloud and some rain in the far northeast. Heavy rain moving in to west Poland. Showers clearing Switzerland but conintue to affect much of Austria through the day where they will be heavy and thundery.
A more unsettled day across Denmark with showers as well as longer spells of rain about. Similar conditions across Norway and Sweden. Largely dry through Finland and the northern Baltic States, though heavy rainfall pushing into southern states which will move in across northern areas overnight.

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