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UK Forecast - September 20, 2019
Sunny and dry at first
Cloudy, outbreaks of rain later

High pressure remains to the east with low pressure to the west. The low brings fronts and spots of rain in Ireland, western Wales and southwest England. More persistent rain in western Ireland later. Dry with good spells of sunshine in eastern parts of Scotland and England. A brisk southeast wind for all. High temperatures at 16 or 17C for eastern parts of England, Ireland and Scotland; 19 to 22 or 23C for most other areas.

Saturday Night
Showery outbreaks of rain continue to spread across southern and western parts of the UK on Saturday night while a band of heavier, more persistent rain moves into the far southwest of the UK and the south of Ireland later. Staying dry to the east with the clearest skies over northeast Scotland. Overnight lows at 16 to 18C for central and southeastern England, 9 to 15C elsewhere.

A front passes northeastward across the British Isles on Sunday taking cloud and outbreaks of rain with it, some of it heavy particularly over Ireland and Wales. Brighter weather follows into Ireland and the west of the UK, together with a scattered showers over western coasts. Staying dry and brighter to the northeast. Highs widely at 17 to 24C, cooler to the west of Ireland at just 13 or 14C.

A deep area of low pressure is centred west of Ireland on Monday. This brings wind and rain into Ireland and the southwest UK. Brighter for Scotland and in the east at first but rain arriving here later. Showers follow into Ireland, some of them heavy. Highs at 16 to 18C in many areas, 20C in East Anglia.


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