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Vila Franca de Xira Weather

  Fr Nov 16 Sa Nov 17 Su Nov 18 Mo Nov 19
10°C 11°C 13°C 8°C
19°C 20°C 17°C 16°C
various clouds  various clouds  cloudy , showers partly fog
mostly sunny  various clouds , light rain various clouds , isolated showers various clouds
mostly sunny  cloudy , showers various clouds , isolated showers sunny
few clouds  cloudy , rain various clouds  few clouds
Last updated: Fri, 16 Nov, 06:10 CET
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Vila Franca de Xira - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Vila Franca de Xira Distance
Castanheira do Ribatejo e Cachoeiras 4.7 km
Alverca do Ribatejo 8.6 km
Ota 18.6 km
Portela 22.7 km
Loures 21.7 km
Lisbon 24.2 km
Montijo 28.2 km
Lissabon/Geof 29.7 km
Barreiro 32.4 km
Torres Vedras 27.4 km
Almada 33.0 km
Amadora 31.1 km
Mafra 28.9 km
Rio Maior 42.9 km
Santarém 40.8 km
Sintra 37.2 km
Oeiras 40.4 km
Setúbal 46.9 km
Caldas da Rainha 51.4 km
Cascais 47.9 km
Cabo da Roca 48.5 km
Sesimbra 60.5 km
Cabo Carvoeiro 57.2 km
Alcobaça 65.0 km
Coruche 52.1 km
Vendas Novas 55.0 km
Torres Novas 70.9 km
Alcácer do Sal 77.3 km

Forecast: Vila Franca de Xira Region

While on Saturday it's still considerable cloudiness clouds will subsequently decrease. But showers will move in on Saturday and Sunday. The daily high falls from 20 degrees on Saturday to 16 degrees on Monday.


Vila Franca de Xira

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