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Litchfield Park Weather

  We Aug 17 Th Aug 18 Fr Aug 19 Sa Aug 20
30°C 31°C 29°C 26°C
40°C 40°C 37°C 36°C
various clouds , rain various clouds , light rain few clouds  various clouds , heavy showers
mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny  various clouds , heavy showers
various clouds , isolated showers sunny  various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , isolated showers
few clouds  various clouds , light rain various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , light rain
Last updated: Wed, 17 Aug, 04:43 CEST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Litchfield Park Distance
Glendale 3.7 km
Glendale 7.2 km
Avondale 7.2 km
Goodyear 7.6 km
Goodyear 11.2 km
Surprise 11.6 km
Sun City 14.5 km
Buckeye 16.0 km
Sun City West 17.0 km
Buckeye 30.8 km
Phoenix Deer V. 33.3 km
Phoenix 33.3 km
Paradise Valley 37.3 km
Scottsdale 43.7 km
Tempe 45.7 km
Cave Creek 52.3 km
Scottsdale 54.5 km
Chandler 57.3 km
Mesa 58.9 km
Wickenburg 60.5 km
Fountain Hills 61.3 km
Gilbert 67.9 km
Mesa AFB 69.7 km
Mesa 72.1 km
Maricopa 72.7 km
Casa Grande 82.9 km

Forecast: Litchfield Park Region

After a fine Thursday it's becoming some what cloudier. But especially on Saturday heavy showers are expeted. The daily high falls from 40 degrees on Thursday to 36 degrees on Saturday.


Litchfield Park

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