UK Forecast- April 22, 2014

Rain into the west

Staying mild and unsettled

/reports/2014/04/22/foc_0.gif Wednesday
Expect a lot of cloud across the country today with the best of the sunshine across north eastern parts of England, East Anglia and the south east. Here it look essentially dry except for a few showers in the north. A belt of slow moving rain will affect Northern Ireland, Wales and south west England and in the afternoon this moves into Cumbria, the West Midlands into Hampshire as it clears most of Wales and the West Country. Some rain to come for eastern Scotland too. Expect high temperatures of 11 to 18 Celsius.

/reports/2014/04/22/foc_1.gif Wednesday Night
A narrow band of moderate rain moves into central and eastern parts of England and Scotland this evening and clears all but the far east of Scotland and England during the night as skies clear in the west where some mist may develop by morning. Minimum temperatures of 5 to 8 Celsius.

/reports/2014/04/22/foc_2.gif Thursday
In the morning it should be mainly dry with sunny spells as any residual rain across north eastern Britain soon into the North Sea. In the afternoon showers will develop in many areas interspersed with sunny spells. The showers fade by evening with a dry night with clear spells It will turn quite misty with a risk of some dense fog patches developing across central and southern parts of England by morning. Expect maximum temperatures of 13 to 18 Celsius.

/reports/2014/04/22/foc_3.gif Friday
Rather dull and misty across the country this morning. Confidence is low on the detail but one belt of rain may swing up into eastern England while another edges into the far west later in the afternoon. Rain across north east England in the evening moves north into Scotland overnight with rain across Wales and south west England where it becomes windier. Expect maximum temperatures of 11 to 18 Celsius.


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