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UK Forecast- August 27, 2016

Heavy rain clears the north

Few showers in south

/reports/2016/08/27/foc_0.gif Sunday
An area of very heavy, thundery rain across southern Scotland, northern England and North Wales will be tracking east. By early afternoon this will have cleared into the North Sea. Another area of rain across northern Scotland turns into some heavy afternoon showers. An area of mainly lighter showers across southern Wales and south west England will be working it's way east into central and southern parts of England during the day. Expect maximum temperatures of 16 to 23 Celsius.

/reports/2016/08/27/foc_1.gif Sunday night
During the evening we'll find most places becoming dry as the rain and showers soon fade away. Breaks will develop in the cloud leading a dry night with clear spells and some cloud. Some mist and fog patches develop by morning across southern and north eastern parts of England. Expect minimums of 11 to 17 Celsius.

/reports/2016/08/27/foc_2.gif Monday
A ridge of high pressure is expected across the country. Apart from a few isolated showers in the south of England, most parts of Britain should have a more settled and drier day with sunny spells and some cloud. For the evening and night outbreaks of rain are expected across north western parts of Scotland. The rest of Britain will be staying dry with clear spells. Some fog patches are likely to re-develop across southern England. Expect top temperatures of 16 to 23 Celsius.

/reports/2016/08/27/foc_3.gif Tuesday
Temperatures will rise today as it becomes warmer in the south. More cloud may be found across western parts of the country but lots of sunshine is forecast today across central and eastern parts of England and Scotland. Some patchy drizzle may be found near some western coasts, otherwise it's a dry day right across Britain. Heavier rain and showers moves into Northern Ireland and northern Scotland in the evening which then spreads into southern Scotland and the north west of England in the night. Look for high temperatures of 19 to 25 Celsius.


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