UK Month Ahead - October 29, 2014
Valid from 01/01 to 28/01 2014
November starts cooler

Issued: Tuesday 28th October 2014
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling & Garry Nicholson

Cold start, unsettled middle, foggy end

Turning colder to start November, and becoming unsettled and very windy for a time. It is likely that conditions settle down in the middle of the week, although a return to changeable weather, especially in the northwest mid-month. Probably quieter to end the month but with an increased risk of mist and fog.

*1/11/14 - 7/11/14*
An unsettled weekend with strong winds and some heavy bursts of rain passing east through the country.
Temperatures will be falling into the new week with a threat of snow showers over Scottish hills and the Pennines.
Then turning drier into the middle part of the week over most of England, Wales and Scotland, with the risk of overnight frosts.
Gales affecting the far north of Scotland and Ireland with cloud and some outbreaks of rain.

*8/11/14 - 14/11/14*
An unsettled start to the week with a threat of gales in northern and western areas. Bands of rain, followed by showers, will be passing from west to east.
It is likely to be cool for many, and again there could be some snow on the tops of the Scottish hills. High pressure may slowly build more strongly across the country later.

*15/11/14 - 21/11/14*
A gradually less cold week is likely, although initially there may be a much cooler few days. These affecting Ireland and Scotland, although western coasts of England and Wales seeing rain too.
Low pressure to the northwest bringing bands of rain east, which may swing round to more of a northerly. Rather windy in the north at times, and again the risk of some snow on Scottish hills.

*22/8/14 - 28/8/14
A slacker air flow through this week may lead to an increased risk of fog, and some overnight frost. The fog may be reluctant to clear during the days, many of which may be damp and murky.
In the fog daytime temperatures will be around or just below normal, but the overall airmass will be mild.

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