UK Month Ahead - December 05, 2014
Valid from 13/12 to 09/01 2015
Cool & unsettled

Issued: Friday 5th December 2014
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Cool and unsettled for most of December, a colder start to the New Year

Staying unsettled and rather cool for the rest of December, although there are hints of a few milder days in the run up to Christmas. We are starting to build a picture of colder weather to end the year and to start 2015.

*13/12/14 - 19/12/14*
A cool week ahead. It will be rather unsettled with low pressure tending to be north of the country. Bands of cloud and rain will be passing east through the UK and Ireland, briefly introducing mild weather, but then quickly being replaced by cool to cold conditions with showers.
Most precipitation will be on western and northern hills, where there could be some sleet or snow at times too.

*20/12/14 - 26/12/14*
Indications are that the week leading up to Christmas is likely to see unsettled conditions. There could be a tendency for the weather to become milder as the winds turn more to a west to southwesterly, although there will still be cooler days. Most rain again to the west and north, with more easter and southern areas tending to be drier. Christmas is likely to be green!

*27/12/14 - 2/1/15*
Hints of the winds turning more northwesterly into the Christmas Holiday period and running into the New Year.
Temperatures are likely to be cooler and there will be a tendency for precipitation to be more wintry, especially in the north. There will be bands of rain sinking south through the country, these followed by colder air with wintry showers.

*3/11/15 - 9/1/15
Whilst confidence is low there is a signal that 2015 may start on a colder note. Winds to the north with high pressure trying to build. This leading to some frosty conditions, although more eastern and northern areas always at risk of some snow showers.

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