UK Month Ahead - March 31, 2015
Valid from 04/12 to 31/12 2014
Dry start

Issued: Tuesday 31st March 2015
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

A fair start, but turning more unsettled

High pressure during the first part of the forecast brings dry weather for many, although risk of rain in the south.
During the final third of March conditions are likely to be turning more unsettled, especially in the north, but always a tendency towards drier weather in the far south.
Early April should see a broader improvement, but still some rain at times.

*4/4/15 - 10/4/15*
High pressure is expected to be building this week. This is going to be bringing a fair amount of dry weather for most, with the best sunshine in the west. Always a tendency for more cloud to the east. Feeling milder in the west, but cool to the east.

*11/4/15 - 17/4/15*
A breakdown is expected to take place this week as high pressure fades away. It is likely to that the east will be cold at times, although the west may be a little milder. More persistent rain spreading into the west as the week progresses.

*18/4/15 - 24/4/15*
A changeable week with low pressure bringing cloud and rain, most to the north. More southern areas may be drier overall with higher pressure edging in at times. An overall deterioration later in the week as the winds become more northwesterly and it becomes colder with rain or showers. Winds may reach gale force.

*25/4/15 - 1/5/15
A wet and windy start to the week. The jet stream, bringing strong winds and a risk of heavy rain at times. Possibly turning drier and warmer for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Simon Keeling
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