UK Month Ahead - September 21, 2014
Valid from 20/09 to 17/10 2014
Drier than normal

Issued: Saturday 13th September 2014
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

Unsettled mid month but the end of the month could be sunny and warm

The fair summer-like weather continues for a time, with autumn remaining at bay for a week or so yet. High pressure does dominate, although low pressure may just bring some more unsettled weather for a few days.

*20/9/14 - 26/9/14*
High pressure is expected to remain large close to, or over the UK and Ireland during this week. This will be bringing plenty of dry weather, although there will be a few days when some showers or outbreaks of rain may occur.
Southern parts of the UK are tending to be on the periphery of the high pressure and so from time to time there is a risk of a few showers affecting the far south of England.
Likewise the far north of Scotland may have cloud and outbreaks of rain at times too, although amounts remain low.

*27/9/14 - 3/10/14*
High pressure remains close by through the week, and it is likely to be staying largely dry across the north of the country for much of the week.
Lower pressure to the south of the country pushes rain into southern England, although this cloud and rain edging slowly northwards through the following week. It is likely to be breezy too.

*4/10/14 - 10/10/14*
Low confidence in the forecast from early October. Indications are that high pressure builds south and east bringing drier weather and sunny spells as well as being mild or warm.
More western areas see lower pressure closer by with showers and some outbreaks of rain.

*11/10/14 - 17/10/14
Pressure may stay high in more southern parts again through this week. Lower pressure to the north and west may bring some rain in Scotland and Ireland, most in the west. Feeling mild for all.

Simon & Capn Bob
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