European Summary - October 10, 2015
Heavy rain southern Europe
Cold in north-east

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 10th October 2015
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Breezy France & Germany

Strong winds and outbreaks of heavy rain affect Portugal as the remnants of ex-Hurricane Joaquin move into Iberia. Much of Spain will stay dry, and very warm in the east, whilst cloud thickens from the west. Dry in Alpine areas, but heavy rain and thunderstorms will affect much of Italy and increasingly spreading into the Balkan states & western Greece. Risk of local flooding developing in these areas through the weekend. Turkey stays dry and warm. High pressure centred over Scandinavia brings settled weather to northern & central Europe. Dry and bright across France and very warm around the Biscay coast, highs 24C. Brisk easterly winds toward the north, also affecting the Low Countries. Cooler temperatures in Germany, around 11 to 15C plus a chilly easterly wind. Light winds across most of Scandinavia, although cool, with highs below 10C for many areas. Patchy rain in north-west Norway.

Low pressure across Spain and Portugal brings areas of heavy rain. Italy becomes dry and bright as another area of low pressure moves further east toward the Black Sea. Heavy periods of rain continue across the Balkans, Greece, and areas toward the Black Sea. Strong and gusty winds in the region. A strong and increasingly cool easterly wind will affect northern France, the Low Countries, Germany and Poland, although these areas will stay dry. Western France will be warm, highs of 25C, whilst northern France is nearer 15C, and Germany 10C, Poland 8C. A little rain in north-west Norway, otherwise high pressure centred over Scandinavia brings plenty of fair weather and light winds, although feeling rather cold with overnight frost.

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