UK Forecast - August 28, 2014
Rain north & west

Low pressure is centred close to north-west Scotland on Friday and will bring a blustery and unsettled day to northern and western Britain and Ireland. Persistent rain for western Scotland, north-west England and Wales, heavy at times across western hills. Patchy rain to the east of high ground in northern Britain. Showers or longer spells of rain for Ireland and Northern Ireland. In southern and eastern England, the odd shower but largely dry, although often cloudy skies, best chance for any sunshine in the far south-east. A breezy day, with a brisk south-westerly wind around southern and western coasts, may reach gale force in the Irish Sea and to the west of Ireland. Feeling cool in rain, 13 to 15C north and west, but reaching 20 or 21C in the south-east.

Friday night
A scattering of showers continue to affect the British Isles overnight, and there will be a blustery westerly wind. Showers may band together into a longer spell of rain, particularly Scotland and north-western parts of England and Wales. A weakening cold front spreads south, and patchy showery rain affects southern counties during the second half of the night and first thing on Saturday morning. A mild night overall, temperatures around 9 to 14C.

Low pressure will be centred north-east of Scotland on Saturday, whilst pressure rises from the south-west. A fresh westerly breeze continues to affect many areas, although easing gradually compared to Friday. Showery rain in many western and northern areas, some heavy showers for Scotland. Showers generally more scattered for Northern Ireland, plus northern parts of England and Wales, and tending to fade through the afternoon. Often dry for south Wales, the Midlands and eastern England, with sunny spells. A cloudy start to the day in southern England, with a little showery rain in the south-east, but soon clearing away as brighter skies spread from the west. Temperatures ranging from 12 to 15C in the north-west, to 19 to 21C in central and eastern England.

A ridge of high pressure extends across the British Isles on Sunday, and most places are likely to see a dry and bright day. Fronts associated with the remains of ex-hurricane Cristobal located near Iceland will bring more cloud for north-western parts of Scotland and Ireland. This may thicken to produce drizzly light rain in these areas by afternoon, along with a fresh south-westerly breeze. Elsewhere it will be dry, with lighter winds in the south. A cool start to the morning, but temperatures becoming pleasantly warm by afternoon, 21 or 22C in central and southern England, although nearer 15 to 17C in the north and west.

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