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UK Forecast - May 05, 2016
Warm sunshine, sea breezes
Some thunderstorms this weekend

Most of Britain and Ireland will remain dry throughout the day. Plenty of sunshine, although often hazy due to high cloud. Small risk an isolated shower over the hills of northern Britain late in afternoon. An east to south-easterly breeze brings increasingly warm air across the country. Feeling quite cool at the coast, particularly in eastern England, where just 13C. Inland, highs widely 17 to 22C, warmest in central England.

Friday night
Bursts of rain will spread from Biscay toward south-western Britain and Ireland late on Friday evening. Most of the British Isles will be dry overnight, although cloud cover will thicken from the south. Winds mostly light, but breezy in the west. Temperatures staying fairly mild, lowest values 7 to 10C for many, although northern Scotland may drop to 5C or lower.

A warm south-easterly flow across the country. Bursts of rain in the west & south-west will develop into thunderstorms, spreading north across the western half of Britain. Largely dry in the east & north-east. Some heavy rain for Ireland. A few thunderstorms later for the western English Channel. Brisk easterly winds in Scotland. Cool in far north at 12 to 15C. Feeling humid in England & Wales, highs 19 to 23C, but cooler on coasts.

A few bursts of rain likely in western Britain from early morning. An increasing threat of thunderstorms developing widely across western regions into the afternoon, resulting in locally prolonged torrential rain. Central and eastern areas generally avoid most of the rain. Hazy sunshine. A brisk south-easterly breeze may bring low cloud and sea fog onto eastern coasts. Very warm, highs 21 to 24C inland, cooler on the coast.

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