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UK Forecast - April 30, 2017
Chilly, showery rain in south
Best across Scotland

A breezy, unsettled day to come as an area of low pressure moves into southern England. Bands of moderate to heavy rain will be rotating around the low affecting parts of England and Wales. Some areas that are in between these bands may escape with a mostly dry day. In the afternoon we may find the rain becoming confined to Wales and the south of England. Dry with a good deal of cloud for Northern Ireland and Scotland with western parts of Scotland seeing the best of the sunshine. Expect maximums of 11 to 14 Celsius.

Monday Night
Showers and rain across parts of the far south of England are expected to clear away into the channel later in the evening. Dry elsewhere this evening with some late sunshine to end the day. Overnight eastern parts of Scotland and England look rather cloudy with clear spells in the west and a dry night for most areas. Expect minimum temperatures of 6 to 9 Celsius.

As pressure builds in from the north, a chilly, brisk north easterly wind will be developing. Apart from the odd shower, it's a dry day across Northern Ireland and Scotland albeit rather cloudy. Mostly cloudy as well across England and Wales with scattered showers, most of these light in intensity. Many areas will escape the showers. It continues breezy overnight with clear skies across much of Britain and overall it's mainly dry. Expect highs of tops of 11 to 16 Celsius.

Most places will get off to a dry start with sunny spells. Brisk north east winds bring in a good deal of cloud to the southern half of England and Wales and a front will bring the chance of showers to southern England in the afternoon. The rest of Britain will be dry with sunny spells for northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It continues breezy into the evening with plenty of cloud and some light rain for the far south of England. Temperatures will be close to normal with highs of 11 to 15 Celsius and feeling colder in that north east wind.