UK Forecast - July 29, 2015
Sunny spells for many
Showers in east on Thursday

Mainly dry with sunshine, best in the west, south & south-west of Britain, as a ridge of high pressure builds. Early showers near western coasts soon fading. Showery for northern & eastern England, and by afternoon, these may band together across the East Midlands & East Anglia, giving locally frequent bursts of rain. Scattered showers for Scotland & Ireland. A fresh north-westerly breeze. Highs 17 to 21C.

Thursday night
Remaining showers will fade during the evening. Across most of Britain, light winds and clear skies will allow temperatures to drop markedly, locally giving an unusually cold night for late July. Temperatures 6 to 10C, generally highest in towns and on the coast. However, in rural valleys in the north and west of Britain, lows may drop below 3 or 4C, and close to freezing in some Scottish glens.

Most of England & Wales staying dry. A good amount of sunshine, but clouds will thicken from the west as fronts approach. Increasingly persistent rain for western parts of Scotland & Ireland. Patchy rain spreads east across northern Britain. A freshening southerly breeze in the north-west. Lighter winds in south. Highs reaching 21 or 22C for the Midlands and south, but nearer 15C in the north-west.

Low pressure to the north-west pushes weak fronts eastwards across Britain. Mostly cloudy, with occasional sun breaking through. Frequent showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland, locally persistent for a few hours. A little patchy rain for England & Wales, but small amounts. A fresh south-westerly breeze in the north, lighter winds in the south. Temperatures 16 to 22C, warmest in south-east.

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